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GOMBLE Quiz #019

GOMBLE, the crypto arm of 111%, aims to bring gamers into the web3 market.

It offers an accessible gaming experience with competition-based tokenomics.

As part of their engagement strategy, GOMBLE introduces the “Heat the Balloon” game.

This encourages users to compete for a chance to earn Mystery Marbles through airdrops.

The airdrop schedule spans different seasons, fostering community involvement.

In this guide, you’ll learn the GOMBLE quiz #019 answers (airdrop) to get +2 fire (320m higher).

GOMBLE Quiz #019
GOMBLE Quiz #019

GOMBLE Quiz #019 Answers

QuestionUntil which date do you have to register your wallet to Galxe in order to get your reward if you are eligible?

AnswerApril 30th.

QuestionWhich date is the last day of Gomble Games Airdrop Season 2?

Answer: May 4th.

QuestionWhat is the title of the last episode for Airdrop Season 2?

Answer: May The Fourth With You.

QuestionWhat is the name of the class of OG Spaceship which will be on the 1st NFT Auction?

Answer: alpha.

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